Filofest, philosophy festival,hosted Vini Firmanum

01 September 2015

Filofest Inauguration, festival of philosophy of the road, it will drink a toast with Vini Firmanum . The cultural event, which is held in Fermo and Amandola (FM) 27 to 30 August 2015, will be inaugurated on Thursday 27 at 18.00, in the Literary Cafe Still, with the confrontation between the philosopher and anthropologist Fabio Gabrielli (proposed for Nobel nomination ) and the philosopher and theologian Henry Garlaschelli. Vini Firmanum will be featured to Philosophical Aperitive that will follow the meeting and that will be offered to the public. But Vini Firmanum will be present in other culinary events of the Festival into Amandola (FM). A presence that wants to establish the company’s commitment to the enhancement of all aspects of culture in general and in particular the area of ​​Fermo and the Marche. The Filofest will be attended by more than 25 internationally renowned philosophers. The Festival is also the philosophy of the National Park of Sibillini Mountains, surrounded by nature, around the lake and in the woods, in the Deer Park, hiking in the Sibillini Mountains, in the squares, in museums, in private homes, in bars, cottages, hotel, then interviews and discussions between philosophers, interactions and exchanges with the public, parties, lunch and dinners philosophical, philosophy for children, experiential workshops, philosophical walks, music and more.