Vini Firmanum

The wisdom of the story, the know-how of the winemakers, the love for wine, the heart of Marche territory.

Each sip of our wines encloses the harmony of more symphonies that is born and spread from places that had always breathed wine culture.

Starting from the wisdom of the ancient Romans, who between the second and first centuries BC were identified in the area Firmum – Picenum, today Fermano – Picena, in the beautiful hills of the southern Marche, places highly suited for the wine production.

“Literary, epigraphical and archaeological sources document that the landscape appeared, at the time, characterized by the presence of large villas, flanked by farms. In these farms the wine was the most successful specialized product, delivered in amphorae “. (Department of Historical Sciences of the Ancient World-University of Pisa).

The company’s name Firmanum is a tribute to these origins for continug to be a witness of love and passion for wine. An ancient bond with the land, that we want to carry on with the wisdom passed down from generations of winemakers. Maintaining attention and selection in the harvesting of wine grapes, the knowledge of tradition and competence of our winegrowers, the respect for the earth, the ancient farming practices combined with modern techniques and technologies.