Press review

Press review

Article on “Slow Food” by Corriere Adriatico (Francesco Massi)

Food and wine of excellence linked to companies that respect the values of good, clean and fair.

Basic philosophy, this, the guide “Shopping with Slow Food” presented at the Diamond Center in Porto Sant’Elpidio.

To give concrete testimony of the Fermane High Quality delicacies, two of the most effective of the territory, the company Fontegranne from Belmonte Piceno, Eros Scarafoni, with its raw-milk cheeses, and Vini Firmanum from Montottone, with the sales manager Nazario Pignotti, recent winner of the silver medal at the international competition “the selection of the mayor” in Portugal.

(By Francesco Massi – Corriere Adriatico, 05/08/2015)

Articolo Inform@zioneTV Article by Francesco Massi_05/08/2015

Article on “Awarding PDO Pecorino Falerio ‘Firma’ 2014”  by Informazione.TV

The company of Montottone also brings home another important recognition for its wine, the Falerio Pecorino PDO “Firma” in 2014, which wins the Diploma of Great Mention at the International Wine Competition Vinitaly 2015. ‘Two certificates that fill us with satisfaction – says the president of Firmanum Wines, Stephen Vallesi – and that reward the hard work of the last few years of our company to improve the quality of our products. But also appropriate recognition to this territory which is particularly suited for the production of wine since Roman times, producing fine wines in these areas between the second and first centuries BC as evidenced by a study from the University of Pisa ‘.

(By Informazione.TV, 24/06/2015)

Articolo Inform@zioneTV Article by Inform@zioneTV_24/06/2015

Article on “Award in Portugal and at Vinitaly” by Resto del Carlino

The local wines Fermano rise to the European limelight, thanks to two prestigious awards obtained by Firmanum Wines of Montottone. The company was awarded the silver medal at the 14th international wine competition << >> Selection of the Mayor in 2015, achieved at Oeiras, near Lisbon (Portugal), organized by the European network of the city of wine … .

The company of Montottone also brings home another important recognition for a wine of its production, the PDO Pecorino Falerio ‘Firma’ in 2014, which was awarded the Diploma of Great Mention at the Vinitaly Wine Competition 2015

(By Resto del Carlino, 25/06/2015)

Articolo Resto del Carlino Article by Resto del Carlino 25/06/2015

Article on “Diploma of Great Mention” by Danilo Tornifoglia

It was concluded at the 22 ° edition of Verona Vinitaly International Wine Competition 2015. There were 3.000 samples from 32 countries enrolled in this competition. Besides the allocation of 75 medals, other 720 labels were awarded the diploma “Great Mention”, divided into various categories. The awarding of winning wines will be one of the organized events at the Expo in Milan, in order to symbolically unite the two capitals of the Italian food and wine.
Among the white wines from the last harvest the mention went to PDO Pecorino Falerio “Firma” of Firmanum Montottone ….

Among the white wines from the last harvest the mention went to PDO Pecorino Falerio “Firma” of Firmanum Montottone ….

(By Danilo Tornifoglia, 2015)

 Articolo_2015_GranMenzioneVinitaly Article by Gran Menzione Vinitaly by Danilo Tornifoglia_2015

Article on “Filofest” by Francesco Massi

Filofest Inauguration, festival of philosophy of the road, it will drink a toast with Vini Firmanum. The cultural event, which is held in Fermo and Amandola (FM) 27 to 30 August 2015, will be inaugurated on Thursday 27 at 18.00, in the Literary Cafe Still, with the confrontation between the philosopher and anthropologist Fabio Gabrielli (proposed for Nobel nomination ) and the philosopher and theologian Henry Garlaschelli. Vini Firmanum will be featured  to Philosophical Aperitive that will follow the meeting and that will be offered to the public. But Vini  Firmanum will be present in other culinary events of the Festival into Amandola (FM). A presence that wants to establish the company’s commitment to the enhancement of all aspects of culture in general and in particular the area of ​​Fermo and the Marche. The Filofest will be attended by more than 25 internationally renowned philosophers. The Festival is also the philosophy of the National Park of Sibillini Mountains, surrounded by nature, around the lake and in the woods, in the Deer Park, hiking in the Sibillini Mountains, in the squares, in museums, in private homes, in bars, cottages, hotel, then interviews and discussions between philosophers, interactions and exchanges with the public, parties, lunch and dinners philosophical, philosophy for children, experiential workshops, philosophical walks, music and more.

(By Francesco Massi, 01/09/2015)

 Articolo_2015_GranMenzioneVinitaly Article by Francesco Massi_01/09/2015